6 Of The Best Vineyards In Bangalore Revealed


With viticulture and wine tourism growing rapidly in India many vineyards have opened their gates for wine tours that offer a peek into the whole process of wine-making. There are several picturesque vineyards scattered across the country that are known for their spectacular estates set amidst the rolling hills and verdant landscapes. With Karnataka being the second largest producer of wine, Bangalore can be one of the best destinations to experience this fascinating activity during the cooler months. Bangalore’s cool climate and the apt soil conditions make it an ideal location for grape farming. There are many vineyards in Bangalore where one can experience wine tasting through guided tours. Here’s a list of the best vineyards and wineries in Bangalore that are worth a visit:

Big Banyan Vineyard

Located near Bangalore’s famous 400-year-old banyan tree (Dodda Alada Mara), the Big Banyan Vineyard covering over a hectare of land with a scenic backdrop is the perfect spot for exploring wine tourism. Here one gets to taste 10 kinds of unique cheese with six different wines in a modern tasting room. Feel free to swirl, smell, and taste the wine while hearing stories of their wine-making process or while enjoying the sunset.

Grover Zampa Vineyard

Grover Zampa Vineyards, one of the first vineyards in Bangalore is the result of one man’s (Kanwal Grover) hard work and dedication. His quest for producing good-quality Indian wines eventually led to the opening of 81 hectares of sprawling vineyard. This Vineyard was the first one to use an optical sorting machine to separate the best grapes from the worst for fermentation. If you are a group of more than 10 people on the tour then the staff will organize a grape stomping session too. Once done with the touring, you can settle down for a delicious buffet lunch amidst a lovely ambiance with music.

Heritage Sula Winery

Heritage Winery also known as Kadu Winery (which means “wild” in Kannada) is India’s first winery to offer a portion of its proceeds towards tiger conservation in Karnataka. Spread over nine acres of land, this aesthetic place is where one can learn about the various aspects of winemaking. Go on a guided wine tour, taste the Kadu and Sula wines, and grape-stomping session for a complete experience. Head to their restaurant after the tour and then shop for their Kadu range which is made exclusively with grapes from Karnataka.

Nandi Valley Vineyards

The Nandi Valley Vineyards or Kinvah Vineyards spread over 250 acres can produce around ten million liters of wine. The tour is not just about tasting wines and learning about the production. But also about refined tastes and fine living. The wine produced here is from premium quality French grapes. A tour of the factory, followed by a three-course meal for lunch and a fun-filled grape stomping session is the schedule of the tour.

Myra Vineyards

If you are looking for a splendid and gratifying wine tour within Bangalore’s city limits, Myra Vineyards is a perfect choice. Myra Vineyards, founded by Ajay Shetty. A wine aficionado has the potential to tantalize the taste palates of the discerning connoisseur. The vines offered here are both white and red wines. But they specialize in stylized wines in regular and vintage modes. This winery uses the latest winemaking techniques to produce high-quality wines that will delight the taste buds of all vine enthusiasts. Enjoy an interactive wine tour as well as try out their various wine varieties while here.

SDU Winery

India’s first boutique and 5-star rated winery “SDU” is run by Shaambhavi Hingorani, the first female wine entrepreneur. With a focus on producing easy-drinking wines, SDU adheres to a simple yet modern approach to winemaking. The wine-making machines are imported from Italy to match international standards under the leadership of famed Italian winemaker Andrea Valentinuzzi. The winery produces a range of easy-drinking varietals, under the brand names Deva, Reserva, and Trilogy. Come savor some of their finest wines and get an insight into the wine-making. Process on a classic tour of this vineyard in Bangalore.

A winery tour is truly distinctive and a wonderful experience that you’ll take back home along with bottles of wine. So, the next time you’re here in Bangalore, make sure to visit at least one of these vineyards. With the New Year just around the corner. Welcome the coming Year relaxing in an open meadow with a glass of your favorite wine in your hand.

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