Anthony Fantano’s Wife Dominique Boxley: Who is she?

Anthony Fantano

Dominique Boxley, a mysterious figure, and their fate remain a subject of intrigue. Speculations about their alleged divorce have stirred curiosity. Join us to unravel this enigma.

What is Anthony Fantano all about?

Anthony Fantano, an American musician and YouTuber born in 1985, is a music critic. He is the YouTuber and owner of the website that goes along with the channel. He reviews and discusses a wide variety of music on his website and in YouTube videos.

The Early Years of His Life

Fantano grew up in Wolcott, Connecticut, where he developed his teenage years. It was Jello Biafra, the former vocalist of the hardcore punk band Dead Kennedys, who is credited with igniting his political interests during that time.

Fantano started his career in college radio as the music director. Fantano was the host of The Needle Drop, a WNPR program in 2007. He began The Needle Drop in the same year with Jay Reatard, which is a written and video review series. Fantano said that seeing his video review of Flying Lotus 2010’s album Cosmogramma in YouTube’s “Featured Video” section, “hinted” at him to continue creating video reviews. Fantano deleted previous reviews with music clips from 2010 to prevent DMCA violations. At the time, he was also working at a local pizza parlor while working on The Needle Drop. He left WNPR in 2011 to focus on The Needle Drop. Fantano was denied a music show on Adult Swim.

Spin reports that by November 2016, Fantano started “thatistheplan,” a YouTube channel where he posted “irreverent video clips” and analyzed memes. In October 2017, The Fader claimed that Fantano was promoting alt-right views on his YouTube channel “thatistheplan”. Fantano has been attacked because he used Pepe the Frog and insulted feminists. Many “The Needle Drop’ U.S. Tour dates were canceled after the article was published. One ticket site cited the Fader piece as the reason for the cancellation.

Fantano called it a “hit job” in the video. He said that the videos were satire and denied any alt-right sympathies.

After both parties settled their disputes, The Fader removed the article. Fantano acknowledged in a later interview that “grubby and closed-minded young males” were watching “thatistheplan”. He also disavowed the “toxic” and “problematic” aspects of internet humor.

Fantano reached a million subscribers in 2017 and expanded his content to include “track roundups” weekly videos, Q&A’s live streamed, and video thought-pieces.

Fantano, a security guard for Area 51 in Lil Nas X’s video “Old Town Road”, appeared in June 2019.

The album was released in the fall of that same year. The proceeds went to The Immigrant Resource Center.

Fantano uploaded a video to his second channel, on September 15th, 2022. He said that Drake sent him an Instagram recipe for vegan cookies. Drake delivered his diss towards Fantano on Instagram the following day. Fantano joked on Instagram Live about the surprise.

Discussions about the Personal

Fantano resides in Connecticut. After a short marriage to Dominique Boxley, in 2022 she divorced him. After being vegetarian in his late teens, he switched to veganism.

Fantano said to Polygon that he was a purist when it came to free speech. He backed Bernie Sanders as the 2020 candidate for President of the United States.

Anthony Fantano’s Wife Dominique Boxley: who is she?

Drake mentioned Fantano’s wife in an Instagram post, but the video looks as if the Youtuber has divorced the “black woman” Drake mentioned.

Tuko claims that Dominique Boxley has worked as an actress, and also as a screenwriter.

Fantano, one of the best-known music critics in the world, seems to be a private person. In an older video, Fantano said he first met Boxley back in the early 2000s. They became close friends as they shared a love of music. Their first journey together took them to Hershey in Pennsylvania.

They got married in the middle of 2010. Fantano invited Boxley to appear in his videos after their relationship was made public. In 2011, on Valentine’s Day, the wife posted her first YouTube video. The couple discussed 10 love songs.

Boxley’s been featured in several videos since then. Fantano, on the other hand, didn’t make many videos because he preferred to keep his private life secret.

People began to wonder if the couple was getting divorced when Fantano stopped featuring and mentioning his wife Boxley in his videos. In a video posted on YouTube in late 2018, they denied the rumors.

According to the music critic, they have a personal relationship.

We value our privacy, and so have kept the relationship private. You should know that the web program I have is not about how my relationship is going, but rather my opinion on music.

Anthony Fantano and Dominique Boxley Divorce Rumors

Online, people began to talk about Anthony Fantano and his divorce with Dominique Boxely. On Reddit, people also had many things to say regarding Anthony Fantano’s and Dominique Boxley’s divorce.

After hearing it online, people are discussing Anthony Fantano’s divorce from his wife Dominique Boxley. If this is true, fans of Fantano were not happy with the news.

The YouTuber, however, has not commented on the divorce rumors. The two were together for many years before they married. They both lived together in Connecticut. Fantano previously refuted rumors of an impending divorce, but current indications suggest otherwise. Recently, an image allegedly displaying his divorce papers surfaced on the internet.

Twitter user @wholelottanews stated that divorce documents were leaked because of his “ratings for Ken Carson’s and Destroy Lonely albums.”

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