Bhad Bhabie Net Worth 2023: Have Her Fans Turned Her Into A Millionaire?

Bhad Bhabie

Danielle Bregoli is a web-based entertainer and rapper from the United States. Danielle Bregoli’s estimated net worth is $25 million by 2023.

In 2016, she became a viral phenomenon when she appeared on the show “Dr. She appeared on “Dr.

She then launched a relatively successful rap career and an extremely fruitful career in web-based entertainment. Danielle’s millions of dollars have come from social assistance and Above all from OnlyFans. Danielle has reportedly been one of OnlyFans’s most successful celebrities in terms of acquiring fame.

Bhad Bhabie: Early life

Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli entered the world on 23 March 2003 in Boynton Beach. Barbara Ann Bregoli had been in a relationship with Ira Peskowitz for about a year before Barbara became pregnant. When she was born, they separated. She dad is Jewish and her mom is Italian.

Her mother raised her as a Catholic. Her father is an employee of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. She has alienated him.

Bhad Bhabie Career

She gained popularity by appearing on the TV series “Dr. Bregoli became known as the “Money Me Outside Girl” after her appearance in the segment titled “I Want to Give Up My Car Stealing, Knife-Waving, Twerking Thirteen-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried to Frame Me for a Crime” on the “Dr. Phil” show.

Her web-based fan base grew quickly and she appeared in Kodak Black’s music video, “Everything 1K”.

She received a nomination for the MTV Movie and TV Awards in 2017 in the category of “Moving” due to her expressiveness.

After her appearance on “Dr. Phil,” she dedicated her energy to rehabilitation at a farm for troubled children near Utah. However, the following day, she faced arrest on charges, including burglary, possession of marijuana, and filing a false police report.

In July 2017, she admitted her guilt, resulting in a five-year probation sentence. By March 2018, she had been released from probation after obtaining new legal representation and revisiting her case.

Bregoli released her debut single, “These Heaux”, in 2017, and became the youngest woman rapper to ever appear on Billboard Hot 100. She was a manager for Atlantic Records.

Aside from a reality series, she also has a makeup brand, tours, and music career. Bregoli released her first mixtape “15” in September 2018. Bregoli’s second Hot 100 single was “Howdy Bich”.

Bregoli is certainly making the most of every opportunity that has come her way. She has 17,4 million Instagram followers, 568,00 Twitter followers, and 7,4 million YouTube endorsers as of the time this article was written. She is paid a lot of money to post items and do sponsored posts on Instagram.

How much is Bhad Bhabie worth?

Danielle Bregoli is an American rapper and online entertainer. She goes by the name Bhad Bhabie. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Danielle Bregoli’s estimated net worth is $25 million by 2023.

Fit Tea, Postmates, and Postmates were among her first paid positions. The situation was also very successful. The Fit Tea video has been viewed more than 12 million times.

Danielle Bregoli can make as much as $300,000.00 a month by promoting products. She can also earn up to $100,000.00 for just one post.

Bhad Bhabie’s OnlyFans’ Earnings

Danielle only joined OnlyFans in April 2021 a half-month after turning 18. In a few days, she shared screenshots of a report showing that Danielle had made over $1 million on the scandalous stage in just six hours. This profit “broke” the previous one-day Record for OnlyFans, which had been set by Bella Thorne.

Profits included $757,700 from the membership fees (she charges $24 per month), $267,000 in DM payments, and $5500 from tips.

Bhad Bhabie Personal Life

Bregoli said that she has dated all types of men. Since a very young age, she has had many relationships with boys such as Oca800 and Yung Bans. For a time, Bregoli lived with a former boyfriend. Bregoli cheated Disney Channel star Skai in 2020. The video was presented as Bregoli’s virtual entertainment. Skai tried to find a way of limiting Bregoli’s actions, claiming that the rapper had undermined her.

Jackson says she’s reluctant to leave her home without someone else, and that since Danielle intimidated her about leaving her alone, she hasn’t slept well.

Jackson also expressed her opinion that Bregoli was “deranged”. She showed instant messages sent by Bregoli, wherein Bregoli allegedly told Jackson to fight Bregoli.

Bregoli was ordered to stay no closer than 100 meters from Jackson and the environment in which she works and lives. It is also taboo for her to make any contact with Jackson. It is reported that the uproar was caused by a rapper named NBA YoungBoy.

She owns two dogs and three cars:

  • A Bentley
  • Jeeps that are beefed up
  • BMW

Bhad Bhabie owns real estate

Bhad Bhabie owns a house in Calabasas. Danielle told Variety in August 2021 that she would be willing to pay cash for a house worth $4 million located in Boca Raton. Danielle did end up buying a Boca home, but she did not pay the $4 million. She paid six million dollars.

Danielle bought the Boca Raton home of NFL player Jason Pierre Paul for $6 million in March 2022. In reality, Danielle Bregoli’s mother Barbara Bregoli served as the legal administrator to gain trust. Jason Pierre-Paul bought the house in 2017 for $2.3 Million.


Bhad Bhabie, an American Internet personality and rapper has claimed to have made $52,000,000 on OnlyFans. London’s membership website allows content creators to earn money from people who pay and buy their material. OnlyFans is now synonymous with x-evaluated, unequivocal content.

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