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The Help

This list of The Help actors includes all the actresses as well as other film actors. The list includes all The Help actresses, as well as other actors. This list contains information about every The Help actor, such as their birthdate and place of origin. Click on the name of an actor or actress to learn more. You will be taken to their page, where you can find out more details about their career. The Help cast has been in many other movies, so you can use this list to find actors and actresses that you might not know.

The Help was a worldwide hit when it debuted in 2011. Audiences laughed and cried. Tate Taylor directed and developed the movie, based off Kathryn Stockett’s bestseller novel.

A southern girl travels to Jackson in Mississippi, and ends up questioning two Black women working for white families on the brink of civil rights. Skeeter (Emma Stone), first asks Aibileen (Viola Davis) and Minny (Octavia) Jackson about their experience working in Jackson Mississippi. This inspires other women to tell their stories.

“Viola Davis in role Aibileen Clift”

“Viola, Academy Award-winning actress, plays maid from 60s. Recipient both Emmy Award and Academy Award.” In 2012 and 2017, she was named one of Time magazine’s top 100 influential people around the globe. Viola Davis portrays Aibileen, a servant who works in Jackson, Mississippi for the aristocrat Elizabeth Leefolt. She takes care of Leefolts daughter Mae Mobley who has been neglected by her own mother.

Emma Stone in Eugenia Phelan as “Skeeter”.

Emma Stone is a Golden Globe Award and Academy Award-winning actress who portrays the role of a young girl in this film. Stone is the recipient of numerous awards. Emma Stone plays Eugenia Skeeter Phelan in “Eugenia Skeeter”, a young graduate who is an aspiring author. She’s not happy with the way African-American woman are treated. When she finds out that her mother has fired the maid, who raised her, she is furious. She decides to write a book on African-American housemaids.

Skeeter returns to her native land and is confronted by the depravity of her culture. She gives up her original goal of writing a book to pursue a more noble cause. Don’t let the results matter. Give those who have no voice a voice. Skeeter finally gains some insight into their world, and as a consequence, becomes a more empathetic person.

Octavia as Minny J.

Octavia played an African American maid in the 1960s. Spencer also has received many honors including three Screen Actors Guild Awards. Spencer has appeared on film and television. She is widely considered to have made her debut in The Help. Octavia’s character, Minny, is fired by Mrs. Walter because her daughter found out that she was using the bathroom of her guest. After the incident she was deemed “unfit to work”.

Bryce Dallas Howard in the role of Hillary “Hilly Walters” Holbrook

Bryce Dallas Howard is a Screen Actors Guild Award-winning actor who plays Hillary Walters Holbrook. Howard is a film-maker. She is also the daughter of Ron Howard who is a filmmaker and actor. Hilly is played by Bryce Dallas Howard and she’s the leader of the women’s group in the movie. Minny gets fired because she used the bathroom in the house instead of using the restroom at the guesthouse. Aibileen (Viola Davis) is also accused of theft by her.

Hilly, who is the most prominent socialite of Jackson, seems to be able to do it all: she has a big house, a husband and children. She won’t relax until Jackson, Mississippi is segregated. Hilly Holbrook, the main villain in the movie, is disliked by most people.

It is a True Story.

Kathryn Stockett characterized the novel as fiction, but it was actually inspired by her childhood growing up in Jackson Mississippi where she saw many Black women in her neighborhood cooking, cleaning, and caring for their families. Kathryn Stockett, for example, wanted to focus on her interactions with the people she met when she was young and share their stories. The book by Kathryn Stockett is an inspiring story filled with optimism. However, it was the cast of celebrities who brought the characters to life in the film version of 2011.

The Help cast is dominated by women. Jessica Chastain and Viola Davis are among the most notable. Bryce Dallas Howard’s, Octavia Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard’s, as well as Bryce Dallas Howard.

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