Has Games People Play Been Renewed For a Third Season? Quick Facts!

Games People Play

Games People Play, an American television drama series based on Angela Burt Murray’s novel Games Divas Play, is set in the United States. The first season of the series was released on April 23, 2019. The series received a renewal on November 13, 2019. A second season will premiere in October 2021.

Games People Play Season 3 has been the most talked about show amongst viewers. You will be informed about the status of the release and other information. Take a look at the trailer!

Game People Quick Facts

  • Games People Play
  • Genre: Sports drama
  • Based on Games Divas by Angela Burt Murray
  • Tracey Edwards, Executive Producer
  • Angela Burt-Murray
  • Vanessa Middleton
  • Kim Newton
  • Jazmyne Davis
  • Production companies: Edmonds Entertainment
  • STX Entertainment
  • Starring: Lauren London
  • Sarunas J. Jackson
  • Parker McKenna Posey
  • Karen Obilom
  • Jackie Long
  • Kendall Kyndall
  • Karrueche Tran
  • Brandi Denise
  • Origin: United States
  • Original language: English
  • No. No.

Have Games People Play been Renewed for a Third Season?

This question has a NO answer. The release date of Games Play Season 3 has not yet been announced. BET does not have a cancellation or renewal date for Games People Play Season 3 We are also waiting on an official announcement about the status of this show. But nothing is confirmed.

We can only hope for a third season as quickly as possible. As soon as the confirmation is made, we will post an update. Keep an eye on the news.

Game People Play season 3 release date

Games People Play Season 3 will not be released until after the renewal of Season 3. That doesn’t necessarily mean the show will not happen. The viewers can hope that the show will be on soon. It is difficult to estimate the release date without specific information. It is only the makers who can provide an update. As soon as the makers make an announcement, we will post the latest official information about its release status.

Game People Play: Season 3 Plot

The world of professional sports is the setting for Games People Play. Everyone plays to win. The contributions of a millionaire basketball star, a housewife in desperate need, a groupie, and a stalker are all different.

This series follows the lives of three women, Nia Vanessa Laila. While we don’t have insight into the plot of Games People Play Season 3 at this moment, we do possess a solid concept of what we might expect to see.

Game People Play Speculated Season 3 Cast

It is anticipated that the main actors from previous seasons will return.

  • Lauren London plays Vanessa King, an abused basketball spouse who desperately tries to shield her family.
  • Karen Obilom portrays Nia Bullock a reporter who is tenacious and fights to rebuild her professional career
  • Parker McKenna Posey, as Laila James: a scandalous groupie who wants to be a superstar
  • Sarunas as Marques King – a professional all-star basketball player
  • Jackie Long portrays Kareem, Marcus’ closest friend, and his assistant. Kareem was also a former Gladiators basketball player.
  • Kendall Kyndall in the role of Marquis Jackson (MJ), Nia’s best friend and assistant.
  • Karrueche Trán as Eden Lazlo the daughter of Los Angeles Vipers owner
  • Brandi Denise as Quanisha

Does Season 3 have a trailer?

There is no trailer yet for Games People Play Season 3. As of yet, we do not have an official trailer for season 3. To watch previous seasons’ trailers, click here.

What is the best place to watch previous seasons of games played online?

You can watch previous seasons of Games Play on Paramount Plus, Paramount+ Amazon Channel, and Paramount+ Roku Premium Channel. You can stream the series on any of these platforms if you haven’t seen it yet.

Gamer Ratings

IMDb has given Games People Play a rating of 6.8/10. If you’re interested, give it a go. Overall, the show received a positive response. Many viewers have become interested in the idea behind the show. Will you watch the show? Tell us what you thought of the show.


Games People Play, an American television drama series, is based on Angela Burt Murray’s novel Games Divas Play. As of now, Games People Play Season 3 has not been renewed; consequently, a release date remains uncertain. Once the game is given the green light, we will promptly inform you.


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