Major Payne Cast Then And Now: Facts That You Didn’t Know About!

Major Payne

Do you know what happened to Major Payne and the other nonconformists at Madison Preparatory School? Take a look at the fate of the stars who were part of the faction “exemplary” in the 1990s.

Major Benson Winifred Payne – Damon Wayans

Damon is a member of the incredibly productive Wayans family. He produced three television shows between the late 90s and mid-00s. The most notable was ‘My Wife & Kids,’ which lasted 123 episodes. He is most famous for being the father of Damon Wayans Jr., who stars in ‘Blissful Endings.’

Emily Walburn and Karyn Parsons

Parson was most famous for playing Hilary Banks, in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bell Air. Her career peaked around the time of Major Payne. Parson starred with Tim Meadows close to ‘The Ladies Man’, but her career has been latent since around 2002.

Recruit Alex Stone – Steven Martini

Martini never really found success as an actor after his role in Major Payne. Martini switched to screenwriting after appearing in enough TV movies and earning the “Regulation and Order” credit.

He co-wrote a song with his brother Demitri called ‘ Lymelife’, which was featured at Sundance 2008 and Toronto Film Festivals in 2008.

Recruit Kevin ‘Tiger’ Dunne – Orlando Brown

The first job that Earthy-colored did as Tiger led to a long and successful career. Since 1995, Earthy colored has appeared in 23 television series. This includes repeat appearances in “Family Matters,” “Moesha,” and “The Jamie Foxx Show.”

Later, he found his big break when he co-starred on the show “That Is So Raven” with child entertainer Raven-Symone. She is also a The Cosby Show alumni. In 2011, he was also arrested for DUI.

Recruit Dotson – Andrew Leeds

After “Major Payne”, the repulsive toady, who deliberately trips Cadet Stone in the Military Games, took some time away from acting and obtained his software engineering certification from Stanford University. In 2002, he began to reemerge and appeared on CSI, ‘Nip/Tuck’, ‘Frantic Housewives’, ‘House,’ and Bones. ‘

Recruit Wuliger – Chris Owen

Owen appeared in several satires for young people in the late 90s, remembering that he was the Shermanator in the “American Pie” establishment.

Recruit Deak Williams – Damien Dante Wayans

The nephew of Damon Wayans is not an individual who has risen to prominence in his family. However, his surname helped him achieve a modestly successful career.

He also coordinated certain episodes of “My Wife and Kids.” Damien was Tec on the Jamie Kennedy exemplary Malibu’s Most Wanted. ‘

  • Stephen Wiles, Trainee Heathcoat

R.’s main credit as an actor is ‘Major Payne. Stephen Wiles was very hard to find. After finding both his MySpace and Linkedin accounts, we noticed that he was happily married and working as a branch manager of Enterprise Car Rentals in West Virginia.

Trainee Bryan – Joseph Blaire (Joda Blare-Hershman)

Blaire was among many trainees to list major Payne as the main acting credit. Most recently, he was seen working as a photographer for Simple Productions in Brooklyn.

Johnson (Peyton Chesson-Fohl), Cadet Fox (Mark W. Madison), Cadet Sergeant Johnson (Peyton Chesson-Fohl), Cadet Fox (Mark W. Madison)

We’ve assumed that the entertainers have fallen off of earth because there is no web proof. The only exception was Chesson Fohl who appeared as a skateboarder in “First Kid”. Madison, however, does not seem to be hard of hearing.

If you are familiar with Cadet’s Leland Johnson, and Fox, please let us know.

*UPDATE: Cadet Fox – Mark W. Madison

Recently, Recruit Fox connected with BuzzFeed on Twitter to provide a location report. Madison hasn’t “seen” the people since the movies. My vocation was inexistent. I did a few additional roles and printed promotions for the Navy force, but my career had not developed. “I had fun shooting, though.”


Payne is a man who likes to think of himself as a killer machine. This makes him angry when he finds out that he has been disregarded by his superiors for promotion and thrown off the team. He asks with certainty his superior if there is another conflict that needs to be fought. One more person to be killed? “Apologies, Payne,” he’s told.

You’ve killed them all. You have killed all of them. Back to regular life, jobless and a citizen, he decides to go for the police. He overdoes his “genuine replica “, however, and mashes an entertainer portraying a criminal.


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